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It's free to operate, just click “Join”.


Share your affiliate link and discount in your community, social media or groups.


As long as an order is placed, you will receive a 5% sales commission for each order within 30 days.

Participate on Goaffpro

With simple operations you enter Timeusb Affiliate Program and the simple control panel makes it easy for you to view your results.

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Participate on Webgains

Webgains is the powerful affiliate marketing network. There are currently 250,000 publishers and 1,800 advertisers covering over 150 countries.

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Hello, you can join Timeusb partner alliance at Goaffpro or Webgains. Easy to use.

Hello, regardless of whether you join Goaffpro or Webgains, the commission rate is 5%. When you join Goaffpro, the commission for the previous month will be paid out in the middle of each month.

Hello, when you join Goaffpro, we usually pay the commission via Paypal. Of course, if you don't have Paypal, you can contact our marketing email:

Do you have any further questions? Do you need help?

You can also contact our marketing email:

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