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Timeusb® Power is an excellent LiFePO4 battery supplier and dealer. With 15 warehouses in continental America, Europe and East Asia, Timeusb Power produces more than 500 batteries daily.

Our LiFePO4 batteries are developed in collaboration with leading cell suppliers and the best experts in research and development in RVs, caravans, security and surveillance systems, solar systems for homes and businesses, automatic irrigation systems, medical devices, emergency generators, trolling motors and so on continued to be used.

You will receive the best customer service, technical support and quick problem resolution. We are there for you in any situation that requires our attention.

It is our sincere and true desire to work with you on a better plan for a greener future.

Explore and expand your solar/RV business

At Timeusb® you get the best value and a recognized reputation for ease of use.
Our wholesale prices are tailored to the growth and needs of your business, giving you access to the best products and tailored incentives to make a profit achieve.


To become a dealer or find out more about wholesale price tiers, please contact us.

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